My Approach to Tarot

Benevolent Corvus is my chosen craft name. My name is Sophia Sheinin, and I am a certified expert tarot reader and a level 2 Reiki practitioner.

I have been involved in all things magic since learning about crystals at my grandmother’s side as a child.

My focus is on preserving historic divination systems and shaping them through a modern lens.

One of my greatest passions is providing mystical entertainment at events and bringing the mystical to a mundane level. My primary influences include Joe Monteleone, Tom Benjamin, Robert M Place, and Aleister Crowley.

The content of your reading is yours and yours alone. If you choose to share the messages you receive with others that is totally ok. Though, I make a point of not disclosing who my clients are, and what we discussed. Think of it like doctor/patient confidentiality.

I’m entirely fine with answering questions regarding the people in your life. The relationships we have impact our lives and I find diving to the bottom of these issues incredibly helpful when trying to solve a problem.

In certain instances I may not be the perfect reader for you, sometimes a question might be outside my particular area of expertise and then I will refer you to a trusted colleague. This way you get the reading you need.

I’m not a psychic, nor am I a medium. I have an incredible interest in both of these fields, but as of right now I’m a cartomancer first and foremost. I can help figure out issues, and help plan for the future, but unfortunately I cannot communicate with the deceased.

Whilst I truly believe that tarot can help to resolve many issues it is no substitute for medical, legal, or mental health care. For these issues I implore you to seek out the proper accredited professional.


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