15 Minute Reading

Video only

In this format I can work through 3-5 of your pressing questions. This is for when you want the answer without all the pomp and circumstance. 

30 Minute Reading

In this format we can work through a combination of targeted questions and a thorough general look at finances, interpersonal relationships, health, and any other areas of interest.

1 Hour Reading

Reserved usually for 6 month forecast readings, super detailed looks into what’s going on in your life, and/or diving very deep into solving a particular set of issues. Can also be used for groups of 2 that would like to be read together, just clear it with me via email before you book!

Why I may be the reader for you

Clear and Concise Information

a Supportive Environment

Historic methods with a modern approach

Combining the mystic with the mundane to combat issues

mystical entertainment for your special event


Some things to know before you book with me!
Do I do in-person readings?

 Based on your preference, we can either have a zoom meeting, or I will take the same allotted time, record your reading, and send it to you via an unlisted YouTube link. This way you can see and share your reading to your heart’s content, but random internet strangers don’t get to see your personal business.

I do events, and the occasional pop-up at a local cafe, but these are scheduled separately by email request.


Do distance readings work?

Due to my Reiki training and the power invested in your targeted questions, I honestly feel little to no difference in the level of connection I’m able to achieve online v. in-person.

I send Reiki energy to your location and connect us through that energy bubble, so it’s just like being next to each other!

How do I book a reading?

In order to book a reading please utilize the Calendly system to set up appointments.

For groups that want to go back to back, throw me an email before booking and we’ll sort it all out so that you can have a longer time slot.

Should I ask questions during my reading?

If you have questions during your reading, don’t be afraid to ask me! My goal is to transmit the information as clearly as possible. I place a lot of value in having information delivered in a way that you understand.

What happens if I need to reschedule?

When needing to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please give 24 hours’ notice.

Giving yourself time to reschedule or cancel saves a ton of stress on both sides. If there’s truly an emergency, we can work things out; life happens.

It's an emergency! Can you clear your schedule?

Please note that I don’t do “emergency” or same-day readings.

If you are in crisis, a certified professional therapist or doctor will be able to help you significantly more than my stack of paper and I.


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